A little History of St. Joseph Catholic School

In 1888, Saint Joseph School held its first classes in the church annex. A three-story building was blessed in 1907. During the 1940’s, new grade levels were added. The first high school graduation was held in 1949. In 1955, an addition to the school was blessed. St. Joseph housed grades one through twelve until the junior-senior high school program was terminated in 1967. Later, kindergarten and preschool programs were offered. In 1989, a reunion committee planned the school’s centennial celebration.                                          – Information from “The History of the Diocese of Lincoln 1987-2002 – Volume II”

Currently, St. Joseph Catholic School is thriving and flourishing in many different ways!  In the last four years, St. Joseph Catholic School has grown 26% in student enrollment.  St. Joseph is well over the national norms in academic performance.  Click here to see that data!  St. Joseph Catholic School is also on the cutting edge of technology even though the parts of the building are 60-100 years old!  We have iPads in every classroom, a cart of iPads that are shared throughout classrooms, Apple TVs in every classroom, SMARTboards in every classroom, a brand new computer lab, new intercom and security system, and new VoIP phones!

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